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Grade 5 Theory ABRSM and GCSE Music Theory
Do you need help towards taking your Grade 5 ABRSM Theory, or GCSE Music? I offer 1-off evaluation lessons, or short courses for anyone who needs to take this exam before progressing further with their practical music exams, or GCSE Music at school.

Understanding the CIRCLE OF FIFTHS
Guitar players may come across this concept. Learn how the chords you play are related, and why. This can open up a whole new understanding and helps with making sense of musical structure. It will also help if you need to transpose to a key that better suits your voice without resorting to the capo! Piano players will also benefit from understanding this concept.

Songwriting, composing and arranging
I have experience with songwriting and arranging music for vocalists, choirs, and instrumentalists. If you have asked yourself the questions below, why not give me a call to see if I can help.

  • How do I add harmony or chords to this tune?
  • What tune will go with these chords?
  • How do I transpose this for my instrument?
  • How do I write it all down?

Grade 8 Theory ABRSM
If you are considering taking a music Diploma you may feel the benefit of achieving Grade 8 Theory. I can help with mentoring for this goal.

Need help with improvisation?
Learn how scales and modes can be used to easily create great licks or new melodies.

Keysound Music Theory
Keysound Music Theory
Keysound Music Theory

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